Business Profile

Business Profile

Haoma Medica Ltd is a UK based biotech company that focuses on treatments for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia as well as blood clotting management. The Osteoporosis & Osteopenia drug referred to as NaQuinate and commercially as Osteopura, is a novel class of compound, designed for low dose oral administration. Being a natural product, that preserves both bone mass and bone architecture, the safety profile of the therapeutic approach has significant potential for the long-term treatment of the serious problem of osteoporosis. The therapeutics in Osteopura are present in all people, but only in very, very small amounts, Osteopura boosts the levels of these agents to preserve bone integrity. Haoma Medica Limited started with the platform of “working with nature and not against it”.

Key Strengths of NaQuinate & Osteopura

There are specific therapeutic pharmaceutical interventions, most of which are directed at slowing bone loss, the majority have a limited protected shelf-life and companies making generic equivalent pharmaceutical therapeutics are waiting in the wings for open access to this enormous market. While there are some exciting new drugs in development, the market is ready for a novel non-gender-specific intervention with few side-effects, beneficial additional-effects and anabolic characteristics; NaQuinate and Osteopura can meet these requirements.

"The facts below are a shocking reality that we will all need to face either ourselves or with a loved one. The facts help explain why we are in business to help stop the suffering that comes from Osteoporosis".

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